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Bringing a baby into your life, your family, and your home may have you jumping with joy, while also providing some fear and trepidation. You don't have to allow the anxiety to overshadow the elation.

Invite Doulas of North County to be by your side nurturing you with gentle support through the emotions, revelations and discovery of labor, parenting, and so much more. Our diverse team of compassionate birth professionals possess both the experience and wisdom needed to walk you through this transformative experience. 

We know that YOU know your body. It's been yours your whole life!

We know that YOU have some philosophies and understanding guiding your upcoming experience. We also know how the stories you have heard, and the opinions of others can create fear and doubt around birth and the early days with your newborn. 

Doulas of North County are here to educate and empower YOU.

We help you ease the burden of transitioning from the tones set by others, to an experience YOU are proud of.

All of your decisions will be fortified with confidence and a deep knowing that the choices you are making are rooted in your philosophies and what is best for you and your family. 

With Doulas of North County by your side your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum journey can be enriched by education, acceptance, and the tools needed to elevate connection to yourself, your partner, this process, and ultimately, your baby. 

Doulas of North County are committed to your self-care and do not waiver in providing the unbiased, non-judgmental support that instills your strength and reduces your fear. Rely on us to be equipped and ready with research driven, evidence-based information and trusted, vetted resources and tools. 

We offer customizable services to ensure your family’s well-being from pregnancy through the postpartum period and beyond. 

Our services include

Labor Doula Support

The comforting embrace of a committed birth professional motivates you to embrace your personal power. Your on-call birth and baby expert is dedicated to assisting you in the fulfillment of a birth experience you will be proud of.

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Postpartum Doula Support

Security, sleep, and stability are achievable! Our postpartum doulas are raising the bar in self-care, newborn care, and family care. We offer several packages custom tailored to take care of your family’s individual needs and desires.

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Placenta Encapsulation

Not just a growing trend, this ancient tradition is rooted in various cultures throughout history. Placenta encapsulation for ingestion has been proving to be exponentially beneficial for postpartum wellness. 

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